How about you get paid to play with pets?

Becoming a CoZo pet coach gives you the flexibility to be your own boss and work whenever it fits your schedule. Walk as much, or little as you like. Sit a pet at your convenience. Board a pet at your house. The more you be with pet, the more you earn! Plus, you'll be making a lot of new friends along the way!

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Once your profile is verified by CoZo experts, you go through a rigorous training program. After that, you are ready to accept requests at your own schedule.


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Payments are ready for withdrawal each week. All payments are processed through CoZo's platform.

Your questions answered

  • How do I become a CoZo Pet Coach?

    To become a CoZo Pet Coach you just need to fill the form with your details. You will be contacted with further procedure of shortlisting, onboarding and training.

  • Is there any charge to become a CoZo Pet Coach?

    NO. Absolutely no charge.

  • I do not have a pet, can I still become a CoZo Pet coach?

    Yes, you can. We train all the Pet Coaches before they start to accept services.

  • How do I get paid for booking?

    You get paid for the services you have provided on weekly basis.

  • Can I do it part-time?

    You can choose to do it full time or Part-time depending upon your schedule and wish. However, we expect a certain level of commitment and responsibility from the pet coach.

  • I don’t think I can do the grooming. Can I still become a CoZo Pet Coach?

    Yes, You can choose any of the services that you wish to take bookings for.

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